Friday, December 5, 2014

Painting update : The Resistance & Shaltari plastic starter set

While waiting for my 2 leviathans to arrive, I painted some more stuff for the resistance. I also got a plastic starter set for the shaltaris. So now I am the proud owner of all 5 DZC factions !

My second drill : in an open position, ready to deploy units from the tunnels

vallejo model air rust for a base color, followed by a dark wash, then drybrush with ryza rust, and finally some sponge with steel model air. I also did a very light drybrush with necron compound at the end.

I had to buy 4 battle buses. I love the model, I love the idea. I can't wait to use them.

One of the bus must be a yellow school bus. This is mandatory.

Red and blue metallic buses from vallejo model air. range I really like these colors.

More yellow for the last bus. Sand model air for the main color.

the weapons decks are magnetized. I still need to finish the guns

artillery for the resistance. Lots of trucks, lots of missiles !

More gun wagons, and also flame wagons.

The gun techncals that also already played in one game.

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the shaltari starter set is really nice for  the price. The detail are not as crisp as resin models but for the vehicule it is quite good

The kukris. The gold color is red gold from the alcohol base range of metallic paints from vallejo

the silver is aluminium model air from vallejo

One of the gates I may need to do some cleanup on some wings.

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