Thursday, December 11, 2014

Painting the Leviathan - part 1

At long last, Hawk sent me one of the two Leviathan I ordered from them. Looks like they run into troubles producing them, as it was delayed from october. But I can understand that and they have my full support.

First, this is a beast. The Hades was big, but the Leviathan is even bigger. It is roughly the size of my hand (and I don't have small hands). The main body comes in two parts, that need to be glued. I also pinned them to prevent bad thing in the future. I also used some greenstuff to fill the gap between the two parts. 

Next, it comes with 2 weapon options : either 4 barrage weapons, or 4 AA guns. Sadly there are only 4 mounts so even if you plan on magnetizing the weapons, you'll have to already own the 4 other weapons to be able to switch. As I own 6 gun wagons and 6 storm wagons (and 2 lifthawks), I decided to go with the barrage weapons (so I can maybe field one day 9 storm wagons.

The upper parts are not glued yet, just placed and it almost fit perfectly.

The leviathan can carry 12 gun wagons. That's a lot. But it fits.

The Leviathan with whatever models were in reach at the moment I took the picture. The kraken is almost small in comparison.

To really realize how big it would be in the real life, I had to place two buses next to it. So, it is like having a whole huge building, but moving... and shooting, and deploying stuff !

Next step, main colors : metallics, greys. I also did some PP and the last drill I got.

Ready for the very long paint job

Nothing is glued yet, it would be a pain to paint the underside otherwise.

Some metallics are already half done
Next part when the model is finished !

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