Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frozen cars (continued)

First test with my 1/150 cars, some lined vehicules, recovered by snow. Next time I should put more liquid stone on the cardboard to create a deeper snow, also maybe painting it white before gluing the snow.

Overall I think it looks "ok".

First I painted the cars with vallejo dark brown wash. It doesn't stick too well to the surface of the cars, so next time I think I will use some Strong army painter quickshade that I already have.

 finished result, not yet completely dried.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New scenery project for the frozen city

I just bought a few things to help me build more non-building scenery for the frozen city board. 100 cars for about 10€, and  buses. The scale seems good, and it should look good once glued and covered with snow and ice.

The cars and buses fit perfectly on the city roads from the starter set posters. I just hope it will be the same with my Games & Gears battleboard (it should).

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Dropzone Commander game (starter box mission)

At long last, I played the mission from the starter box.

I painted very quickly with some basic colors the few buildings that are nearly done and used those from the starter set to place the gaming table according to the introduction scenario.

The Scourge force, chosen by my opponent
The UCM force, ready do deploy. (Since then I glued the canopies, for fear of losing them...)
UCM side of the board, I decided to focus my objective searching in the building of the middle left.
After loosing their transport full of anti-air on the other flank, the Scourge try to push on my flank. I decided to deploy my own anti-air there, not realizing how deadly scourge infantry can be...
On turn 4, I found the objective and could extract it without a problem with a bear inside a condor. Meanwhile the fight in the center continues...
I lost all my anti-air due to scourge infantry mass fire. My own tanks and infantry doesn't seem to be effective ,because of bad rolling !
Last turn, the scourge infantry managed to find the objective in the center building and extract it, using their APCs and dropship. Scourge victory by victory points !

Overall, a very nice game, I really like the feel of the game.