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Battle Report Scourge vs UCM 1500 pts : secure the flanks !

The Armies :

I think both armies could have done with more AA.

UCM 1500 points

Standard Army
Clash: 1497/1500 points
Standard Army
Standard Roster [1497/1500 pts]
Field Command [333 pts]
Kodiak ACV: Kodiak(Lieutenant) [168 pts]
Ferrum Drone Base: Ferrum [165 pts]
Colonial Armored Formation [328 pts]
Sabre MBT Section: 3x Sabre, Condor(+Missile Pods) [152 pts]
Rapier AA Tank Section: 3x Rapier, Condor(+Missile Pods) [176 pts]
Colonial Legionnaire Corps [264 pts]
Colonial Legionnaire Squad: 3x Legionnaires, Condor, 2x Bear [141 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Colonial Legionnaire Squad: 3x Legionnaires [78 pts]
Longbow Artillery Section: Longbow, Raven B [45 pts]
Expeditionary Group [362 pts]
Praetorian Team: 2x Praetorians, Raven A [124 pts]
Praetorian Sniper Team: 3x Praetorian Snipers, Raven A [136 pts]
Wolverine LAV Team: 4x Wolverine A, 2x Raven B [102 pts]
Special Ordnance Section [210 pts]
Scimitar Tank Destroyer Battery: 2x Scimitar [100 pts]
Eagle Heavy Gunship: Eagle [110 pts]

This army has only 5 battlegroups. It can be a flaw, but I haven't found a way to create a 6th battlegroup without modifying several units

The battlegroups, with their cards !

Scourge 1500 points

Standard Army
Clash: 1483/1500 points
Standard Army
Standard Roster [1483/1500 pts]
Scourge Oppressors [358 pts]
Oppressor: Oppressor(Champion), Harbinger(+Mini Arc Caster) [270 pts]
Minder Swarm: 4x Minder, Intruder Beta [56 pts]
Minder Swarm: 4x Minder [32 pts]
Scourge Vanguard [351 pts]
Hunter MGT Squadron: 3x Hunter, Marauder [146 pts]
Ravager Pack: 3x Ravager, Harbinger(+Mini Arc Caster) [205 pts]
Scourge Vanguard [146 pts]
Hunter MGT Squadron: 3x Hunter, Marauder [146 pts]
Scourge Warrior Cabal [237 pts]
Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors, Marauder, 2x Invader [156 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors [81 pts]
Scourge Invasion Host [191 pts]
Slayer HGT Squadron: 2x Slayer(+Razorworms), Marauder [191 pts]
Scourge Occupation Patrol [200 pts]
Destroyer Pack: 2x Destroyers, Intruder Alpha [140 pts]
Prowler Pack: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts]

The Scourge with their BG cards near the units
This is the last time I play with minder without a transport, they are just too slow...

The mission and the battlefield

This is the mission "Secure the Flanks" which is inside Reconquest phase 1. 3 objectives in the large buildings and two focal points on the flanks. The deployment zones are on the opposite corners. This kind of deployment changes things : the firing corridors are different (for the scimitars) and the two armies begin more far apart.
lines of sights are different
The large buildings with objectives are the red HWG, the 4ground Bank and the light blue on the bottom right. The two focal points are represented by the two towers with a large fan on the roof. One is near the gaz tank, and the second one is near the Scourge energy tower.
The large buildings have 30DP, the medium buildings (all the factories and warehouses) are 20 DP (medium size) and all the residences are small buildings with 10 DP.

Turn 1

Scourge wins the initiative roll and decides to let the UCM begin the game

Activation UCM 1 : Special Ordnance Section

UCM déploys its scimitars on the edge of its deployment zone, trying to cover some firing lanes.
the UCM corner of the table

The small blue building on the center is the target of the eagle's weapons

 it is reduced to rumbles in a single volley !

Activation Scourge 1 : Oppressors 

Oppressor and its transport are going on the other side of the red HWG building, and the oppressor is disembarking. Meanwhile the minders begin their very very slow flight to the ennemy...

The command card and the BG cards prototypes.

Activation UCM 2 : Field Command

The Ferrum is driving on and reploying its drones

Drones begin covering the Eagle

Kodiak and Ferrum parking lot.

Activation Scourge 2 : Invasion Host

The Slayer's Marauder rush to hide behind the 4ground bank. It joins the Minders' Intruder there.

Activation UCM 3

Wolverines are deployed on the right flank to get a line of sight on what is behind the bank

Snipers and praetorians deploy in the large blue buildingto find the objective asap

Activation Scourge 3

Scourge infantry is invading the red HWG building to get their own objective.

Activation UCM 4

Legionnaires join the search. The Longbow is deployed behind the safety of a factory nearby

Activation Scourge 4

Hunters rush to the flank near the energy tower

Activation UCM 5

To counter the Scourge advance on their flank, the UCM armor is deployed behind the wolverines.

Activation Scourge 5

Prowlers and the Destroyers' Intruder get behind the energy tower

Activation Scourge 6

The other squad of hunter get near the energy tower, as this is the part of the map where the fight might be the fierciest.
Meanwhile the Ravager and its transport get on the other flank to counter the Eagle advance

Tour 2

UCM wins initiative. The humans decide to play first.

The battlefield at the beginning of turn 2

Activation UCM 1

Drones are just a few inch too far to be able to fire, so they just fly closer on the center.

Line of sight check for the scouts. The Kodiak attempts to call for an orbital strike but it misses entirely !

Activation Scourge 1

Hunters drive and fire agressively on the Wolverines, destroying two.
Meanwhile, the ravagers and the Harbringer continue their advance on the left flank.

Activation UCM 2

Snipers do their job and get lucky on the Hunters, destroying one. the snipers on the other wall of the building are not so lucky on the Harbringer. Wolverines re-embark into their transport and flee the frontline. Praetorians are looking for an objective, but nobody found anything yet.

Activation Scourge 2

Slayer's Marauder disembark its cargo, razorworms infest the bank

The battlegroup recieve "jink & weave" command card

Razorworms in the place !

Activation UCM 3

Sabres and Condor shooting at Hunters, destroying one.

Meanwhile, Rapiers destroy a nearby Marauder.

Activation Scourge 3

The other Hunters squad hide behind the focal point. Between the Kodiak and the Scimitar, it is tricky to not be seen.
Marauder is joining the middle

Activation UCM 4

Longbow is using it smart smoke on the Sabres. Legionnaire Infantry is looking for the objective without finding anything.

Activation Scourge 4

Scourge warriors are looking but finding nothing.

Activation UCM 5

Scimitars fire on the bank, damaging it lightly but indirectly killing two worms.
the Eagle fires its double railgun on the Ravagers but misses.
Missile pods fires on the factory, damaging it greatly.

Activation Scourge 5

Prowlers redeply elsewhere. Destroyers are heading for the bank and disembark inside the structure to find their own objective !

Activation Scourge 6

Minders' advance

Opressor sprinting toward the battle

Minders deployed just in front of the drone to cover the Scourge army.

Tour 3

UCM wins initiative again !

Activation UCM 1

Condor firing its missile but misses.

Sabres destroy one last hunter from this squad. Rapiers kill two minders, but one rapier doesn't fire to be able to reaction fire.

Activation Scourge 1

The Minders' Intruder, its job done, rushes to the UCM armor battlegroup. UCM rapier, smelling something fishy at this move, decides to open fire, blowing the light transport in the air. It was a good move as the Intruder was beginning to overload its core !
The last two minders destroy 4 drones with lucky shotsfrom their micro casters

Oppressor jump on the barricades and fire its two plasma carines, with no luck

Activation UCM 2

Snipers found the objective. We incorrectly let the raven take it alone and extract it (it can't without its infantry squad) Duh. But the extracting possibilities weren't lacking there.

Praetorians decide to leave and redeploy elsewhere.

3 Ravens from the Wolverines and the praetorians are going on the flank for a mysterious mission...

Activation Scourge 2

Slayers arrive and open fire, destroying one Sabre.

Activation UCM 3

Longbow  fires on the Oppressor but misses (1)

Legionnaires leave the building, but are not going anywhere yet.

Activation Scourge 3

Ravagers one the move, then hiding behind a building. Harbinger advances agressively, counting on its superior resilience.

Activation UCM 4

Drones destroy one minder

New drones from the Ferrum

Kodiak call for an orbital strike that greatly damage the oppressor !

Activation Scourge 4

Scourge infantry searching, with no success

Activation UCM 5

Eagle try to give the killing blow to the Oppressor, with no success !

Activation Scourge 5

Hunters move on the UCM armor, their plasma weapons destroy one tank

Activation Scourge 6

Destroyers begin their search, no luck. Prowlers on the move inside their Intruder.

End of the game

At the end of turn 3, we had to decide to finish the game there. We are playing to slowly, and we would never have been able to finish the game in time. The next time we decided to play a smaller game (750pts) to learn to play and be able to play more quickly. The mission was very good, and we had a great time with the game.

Gaming Material

Damage counters for buildings :

knitting row counters, available from ebay for a few $ for 5/10 pieces.

Damage counters for the units :

White skulls for infantry : LITKO

Explosions/impacts : PYRKOL

Gaming mat : 

Scenery : 

Factories, warehouses, residences : décors ferroviare échelle N, greenmax

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