Monday, April 20, 2015

Scourge army pictures

All my scourge, except the infantry (and some minders)

At first I wasn't sold on the new walkers look, but after painting them, I really like them

The prowlers, an all time favourite. I need more of the little buggers !

Gunships !

The Desolator, waiting for its friend the Oppressor (I have to get one)

I really like the look of the heavy skimmers, and I intent to play them with razorworms

light dropships and corsair fighters

Another look at the small flyers

A single minder, the others are nearby but I didn't find the flying bases in time for the picture...

The Harbinger. I am really pleased with the result. Still need a white drybrush on the plasma vents (need to do this for all the army in fact)

The Anihilator, the lumbering beast, in flyer mode

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