Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer update

This summer I decided to work on all the things that were half done and not finished. Including this box full of blisters... I had to empty it somewhat before phase 2 and dropfleet arrives !

Trying some vibrant colors on some models

Rocket technicals with bright colors (vallejo game colors)

First Ares done with my new color sheme. I like it !

Spent a few hours to finish a few Shaltari models. There is still a lot of work to have a sizable army

PHR Longreach team with the yellow color scheme. 

One Nepture done with the yellow

Vallejo game air Fiery orange on the underbelly

Scourge Corruptors, painted extremely quickly. Even the yellow reactors were done with the airbrush.

With the arrival of the Corruptor, razorworms had to be painted ! And duct vents, because that's were the lovely critters spend most of their time...

Also finished the 2 bases of Eviscerators that were gathering dust in a box on my shelves.

Blue heads to mark a different squad (I have another couple bases with reddish heads)

So now I have 4 bases of Eviscerators, in the case I play a 3000+ game one day...

Those I painted a while ago, when the models were released. Then I thought : I will never play with all of them... (but that's not a reason to not paint them, is it ?)

Finished the Longreach ! Added some scenery bits to mark squads.


  1. Very nice... What do you use for your bases? Very interesting texture.
    Yellow is horrible to paint. A professional NMM painter once showed me how it is done and as a result I decided to never ever paint a yellow army. (Actually I have a trick now that works btw)

    What happened to your Aegaeon? o.O



    1. Hi,

      Thank you !

      The base texture is from vallejo : "Vallejo Mica Flake Gel". I don't know if they still produce it (but it is still on sale on amazon and such). It is somewhat difficult to apply (I always have to add a little water otherwise it isn't sticking well) but it creates that interesting texture similar to (IMO) broken stone/concrete.

      Curious about the yellow technique... could you tell me more ;)

      The Aegaeon wing broke (very old superglue) and I had to glue it again after buying some new superglue, nothing serious... :)


    2. The yellow technique is actually incredibly easy as long as you have an airbrush. You need 3 different bascoats (Vallejo?!) Black, grey and white. Now you preshade the model: Imagine where the light comes from - use black in the darkest areas, black/grey in the lighter areas, then grey... Until you do the raised areas in white. (Depending on your taste you can now wash the lines and recesses - or after the next step)
      Then you use a nice yellow candy color like the badger minitaire ghost tint and apply it. The effect is pretty stunning and it is fast, since you can do 10 models at once and repeat each step for them, let em dry and start with the 1st one again...
      Very easy. Check YouTube :)