Monday, November 17, 2014

Magnetizing the Anihilator

The Scourge Anihilator is a massive beast capable of transitioning between a flyer and a walker. To represent this, the model can be placed upon a flying stand with its legs placed near its body, or as a walker, standing on the ground with its legs deployed.

It is possible to glue the legs and play it like that but it is also possible to magnetize the legs to have 2 locked positions for them.

For this, 8 2mmx2mm cylindrical magnets are needed, and a tool to drill 2mm diameter holes. Superglue is recommended to glue the magnets in place (at least the 2 that are on the inside of the legs, the others should stay in place when the final assembly is done.

Here is a picture to explain where to place the magnets. Only the magnets that are "active" are represented on each stance. The red magnets are those that are inside the main body, the pink are those that are in the leg. Only one leg is represented, so it is required to do the same on the other leg. The blue circle is the position of the ball at the end of the leg that goes inside the main body (and yes, one of the magnet goes in there).

pictures of the anihilator model from the hawkwargame website, with the magnets positions
I hope this will help someone !

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