Thursday, October 2, 2014

An update on the PHR and The Resistance

Just finished a batch of models for my PHR army, that is now almost finished : no more words now, pictures !

The PHR mega army deal just out of the box a few days after I received it from the mailbox. 29/03/2014

A picture I took the 03/10/2014. That's almost a 6 month painting project...

It is not exactly the PHR mega army, I still have to paint one neptune, one athena, 4 immortal bases and 1 zeus (if I ever need it). I also bought some of the new toys (Hades, Appollos,...)

Some sirens base with some n-scale scenery. Still needs some road markings I guess.

I really like the Appollo design. I need to play with their famous commander in her Hera Walker one day !

The two Erebos walkers and some Angelos. I still need to paint my two Helios skimmers.

The Athena in all its glorious awesomness... maybe the model that sold me the game in the first place.

I am currently painting my Resistance starter set. I finished the Hannibals and the Alexander and the Lifthawks are next.

The Alexander, and cotton buds. Because cotton buds are one of my favorite tool for painting ;-)

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