Friday, August 1, 2014

Working on the PHR - new batch of miniatures !

Two different patterns for the Angeloses, I haven't decided which one I prefer yet !

Angeloses patrolling the city streets. Guns ready to blow a hole into one of these buildings...

Appollos are one of my favorite model from the PHR. I can imagine them flying on pillars of smoke and fire, ready to rain death on unsuspecting foes !

My little fleet of 4 Neptunes. I really like the medium dropship for PHR.

Angeloses and appollos are magnetized of course !

I also finished my albatrosses, The more I worked on them, the more I grew fond of them, as with most DZC models.

Top view of the albatrosses.

I finally mustered enough courage to paint the Poseidon. It is a huge piece of kit (for DZC at least). I wasn't successful in masking the gap between the parts, but it looks ok, I guess.

When placing the models of the pictures, I realized I still have to magnetize 2 of the phoboses. Duh !

I guess this may be my main battlegroup for some PHR regular lists.

We moved to a new flat with my wife. So I packed all my DZC stuff very well into some boxes, and 2 months later, I mustered enough motivation to paint again.

The first things I worked on was the 2 angelos and the 2 appollos. I really like the design of these two models.

Then, I finished my batch of 4 phobos and 2 ares. For them, I had to paint one of the Poseidon large dropship.

I would like to add a few more details on all those models : lenses, small metal parts, varnish. But overall they look almost finished.

What still remains to be painted for the PHR : 2 athenas, 4 mercury scout drones, the infantry (4 bases of immortals and the same number of sirens), 2 erebus, 2 hyperion and 2 taranis.

I had trouble with the airbrush when priming the Taranises, but I think that I may have been using too much pressure for the temperature that was quite hot.


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    1. Thank you ! Working on the infantry at the moment, I should put some pictures in the next days hopefully :-)