Monday, August 25, 2014

Some more Dropzone Commander love

My love for this game's models knows no bounds.

Scourge Harbinger Dropship. This time I tried to apply the purple wash with my airbrush and it worked quite well, except for some pooling on the wings
The Harbinger after cleaning the wings with another round of base colour + wash with the airbrush.

Scourge gunships, base colour + wash
One of the EEA bunkers, almost finished. I decided for a light grey colour for EEA buildings and fortifications on my board.

The orbital defense laser. As with the bunkers I used a preshading with the use of the black and white airbrush primers

The monorail, it almost painted itself !

Some PHR with the preshading done, waiting for the next step, classic brush work.

I also broke some piece of terrain I wasn't entirely satisfied, and made several smaller pieces with walls and industrial parts. Also some mercury drones

I used the classic "blister foam" weathering techique with burnt umber from Vallejo model air

water effect from vallejo for the goo puddle.