Monday, April 7, 2014

DZC update

I've been quiet for some time, it is not because I've given up on my frozen city project. On the contrary ! When I first saw the DZC miniatures, I was really blown away by the miniatures, and like a lot of people, most of all, by the PHR walkers and models. But I was also reluctant to invest into another mini game, as I was already investing a lot of my time and energy (and money) into my 2 (and a half) 40k armies. When the DZC starter set box launched, I got one, and soon after, another starter set. First of all, it is an excellent value, and second it is very good to get people into the game. But I never really forgot that it was the PHR that got me interested in DZC in the first place. After painting and playing with Scourge and UCM, I also really learned to like them a lot. As for the Shaltari, well, I haven't had the opportunity to play against them yet, but I find them interesting, both models and rules.

Lately, I mostly finished painting my UCM (but as many miniature painters, my models are never quite really finished !). Scourge was so fast to paint that I was left without any real project except painting the buildings for my board (and it can be a little boring painting walls and roofs...). I also lost a lot of interest in 40k (I think it would need another post to go into details).  So, all in all, I decided that I needed some new minis, and to the hell with self-restraint ! I realized my little dream and got my own little PHR army...

When I decide to do something, there are no half measures, and I go all the way, maybe sometime into the extreme... So I simply got everything useful and all the models that I like (maybe not all the models, but in time it will be the case...)

So I got the PHR mega force army with the KR bag. I already own a few KR cases and I am very please with what they do.

Most of the PHR after basecoating white. Some preshading already done on the Junos

the hades body is not basecoated. The color of the resin is very similar to the white primer, so it is quite difficult to prime efficiently

close up on the junos, the two on the left are my prototypes for my painting sheme

I had some bubbles problems, but nothing too bad. I used some greenstuff and files to repair the models. Here the Hades tail and one toe.

The files are from vallejo/prince august and I should have bought something like this bundle years ago. Very good value !

All the steps of my painting for the PHR. I still have some issues with the wash as the vallejo wash seems to remove the satin varnish polyurethane. I tried nuln oil and it seems to be better.

One neptune almost finished. One juno that still needs its turret done.

Looks like the ferrum is parking in the wrong place ! (in fact it received a satin varnish and it is drying).

More preshading on a neptune

The hades, still need  to put some magnets on the tail. I am not 100% happy with the pose but it will do for now

I started with trying to assemble a starter set of some sort, so the hades and phobos are on the priority list. 

This one is almost finished, still need some work on the wash and some details here and there.

all the walkers and dropships are magnetized

Ready to land !

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