Monday, March 10, 2014

Finishing some new DZC units

I mostly finished a new batch of Dropzone miniatures. Overall, I bought units that would in my opinion compliment well each of my already existing forces (UCM and Scourge). I really like all of those, there are really now mini I dislike in the current DZC range. So it was really a good time painting these minis :

 Scourge Corsairs. I thought that Scourge would need some fast movers of their own as I was really sold on the design of the archangel fighter for UCM. In the end I really like the corsairs as painting them is a breeze and they look so good !

 Ferrum : currently one of my favorite unit for UCM. I haven't had the opportunity to use it, so it is purely from a visual perspective.
 The Kodiak. As I really like the look of the bear APC, the Kodiak is also on my all-time favorite list.
 Katana light tanks. I like them, I think they may even look better than the Sabres.
 Scourge Despoiler. Before getting my own large scourge dropship, I wasn't sold on the look of this one. Now that I have one, I find that it is the Marauder that is somewhat lacking. The Despoiler is more organic, Marauder "wings" are too flat and straight in comparison.
 Scourge Intruder dropships alpha, I really like how the passenger compartment looks like a insect cocoon. I can only imagine the creepiness and horror of seeing something hostile and alien emerging from that.

 The longbow artillery. I like how it looks.
 Gladius heavy tank for UCM. A really nice one.
 Albatross heavy dropship. another one of my favorites.
 Bear APC. Maybe my favorite model from the DZC range for UCM. I find that it has something from the tank from the movie "Aliens"

All of those still need some work : highlighting the edges, decals, and then the varnishing.

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