Monday, March 3, 2014

Game UCM vs Scourge (starter set mission)

Playing a game with painted miniatures and using the scenery I am working on (still some painting work on some buildings). Great time !

UCM Rapiers using abandoned cars and bus as cover near a factory.

the big building in the center is very tall, and a nice piece of terrain for blocking lines of sights. The only downside is that it is a bit narrow, at most there could be 9 or 10 infantry bases on the roof.
Scourge is disembarking AA tanks in the center.
Scourge infantry taking position in the tall building.
The other infantry group is looking for the objective in the other big building.
UCM bears park in front of the tall building and UCM legionnaires storm the lobby.
Scourge tanks moving very fast on the flank, taking some shots from the Sabre's railguns.

Scourge AA takes down the infantry dropship, reducing drastically the possibility of a objective extraction in time.
A very one sided CQB in the building, Scourge infantry deciding to stay, even when suffering very large casualties.
Only the Scourge AA survives from the assault of the rapiers and sabres.
Sabres have done their job, eliminating the Hunters. But they can't stop the Scourge infantry from extracting the objective. Scourge victory 2-1 !

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