Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen city : snow effect review

 For the frozen city, I decided to cover the buildings with snow. I tried several products on my first building, to decide which one is the best for this. One different product on each side of the building.

1. Army painter Battlefields snow : 
In the pot, it is powdery, and really looks like powdered snow. I applied it by mixing it with PVA glue and water, and then tried to mix it with water effect from vallejo to create icicles. Once dried, it looks good, even if a little to grainy for 10mm

 2. Scenic shovelled snow from Deluxe materials
In the pot it looks like icing sugar. I also applied it by mixing it with PVA glue and water. Once dried it looks less grainy than 1. I think this is the product I will use for DZC and 10mm.

 3. Galeforce 9 snow
In the pot it looks like salt. Once applied, same technique as before, it is grainy and not as white as the previous products. Overall it is the one I like the less.

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