Sunday, February 16, 2014

Frozen city board : small scenery, Scourge destroyers and razor worms

 Some updates on the work on my frozen city board. I started some tree scenery by putting together foamed PVC and cardboard. I then added some rocks and Vallejo liquid grey stone to establish the base.
 I also got a pot of typhus corrosion and ryza rust in the mail. I immediately tested those on the 1/150 cars and buses. I am very pleased with the results. Typhus corrosion is a very liquid textured paint, the color is spot on for old rust effect. The texture is very fine but works very well, especially when dry brushing ryza rust afterwards. Ryza rust is a very bright orange, like what we could call new rust, and it picks up every details that coul be newly corroded. I have other products to produce rust effects but to this day, typhus corrosion and ryza rust are the best way to achieve that.


I just glued the cars and buses to a piece of plasticard with the help of my miniglue gun (one of my best purchase of last year, very handy !).
 Then I used the scenic shovelled snow from deluxe materials, mixed with 50% PVA 50% water. The finished product should looks like shaving foam. With a old brush, i applied it on the plasticard and the cars. 2 hours later it was completly dried and solidified. Very pleased with the end result.

Later this week I began working on my new models. I really like the destroyers models. They look fierce and tough, very bulky ! I painted them by dry brushing white on a black base color.  I applied the same technique to the razor worms. The guns are chrome vallejo model air, with a generous layer of druuchi violet shade (citadel). I then applied some yellow  (vallejo model air) on the energy parts of the guns. I have still to paint the eyes on 3 of the 4 bases, and maybe spend some more time on the guns and the bases.

 The destroyers posing in front of the tree scenery.

Trying a scenic picture of my Scourge, I will have to wait for a sunny afternoon to have good light !

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