Sunday, November 3, 2013

Painting the frozen city 1

this weekend I took the time to paint one of the small residence. I used my airbrush for base colours : grey-black from vallejo air model range to create some shadows in the recesses. Next, some medium sea grey as a base colour, then some application of light grey and light blue grey. A quick drybrush of white on the edges to finish the painting process. Next step was the flock : I used some ash/toundra from galeforce9 to represent a base for dirty snow. I stopped there for now as I am waiting the snow flock from a order. Some people use sodium carbonate for snow, but I am not convinced by the results. I have some snow flock from basecraft but it is a small quantity so I am keeping it for miniature bases as it seems to be a good quality flock. I also began building a big sky scrapper but it is still in the very early building process.

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